Non-profit recycling on Mykonos – It is in our hands

moikonos tambela

Via Ros Grypari

Non-profit recycling on Mykonos – Please support it – It is for the good of this beautiful island that is drowning in garbage!

“It is our great pleasure to announce that “M-iko-nos” Cooperative is ready to receive your recyclable items and its warehouse has been fully operational since Monday, 15th of July!
The warehouse of the Co-op is in the main street Chora-Ano Mera, opposite the plumbers’ Co-op and the working hours are:
Monday – Saturday 7:30-12:00 and 16:30-21:00

We begin by addressing this initiative to you, your relatives, friends and acquaintances and to any conscientious citizen who desires the island clean. For a start, we urge you to bring your recyclable products, pre-selected and clean, into the warehouse. In case this selection in the residence or in the workplace is impossible, it can be done by you into the bins of the warehouse, with the assistance of the Cooperative volunteers.

We look forward to your support and the best way to achieve this is by prompting and mobilizing as many of our fellow citizens to recycle, in a proper, clean and responsible way.

We can all support M-iko-nos Cooperative with our regular presence in the warehouse, our diligent recycling and, above all, with the faith that, we, can improve our lives and those of the future generations.

It is in our hands
The Board of M-iko-nos Co-op”



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